About Our Company

gizjax.com came from the love for my grand dogs 
Giz and Jax and although we have a few other grand dogs in the 
family, the inspiration came from them on a cold Chicago day.
We at gizjax.com provide you and your dog an outlet to fashions that every dog lover will adore. 
It is our mission to provide quality dog clothing at reasonable pricing.
The research we have done shows that our dogs have feelings and feel the cold and heat just as humans do…..so please help save and protect them from the elements. You’ll be so glad you did!
We at gizjax.com appreciate your patronage very much…..but more than this we hope we give you exceptional customer service along with the quality products your dogs have come to love.
Please note that at gizjax.com will never use your email  information for promotional reasons.
I am Jax (left) and this is my brother Giz. I am 9 years old and my brother is 10 years old
We are excited to welcome and invite you to shop our designer doggie clothes. We have so many products to choose from and if you have any
Questions please email us at support@gizjax.com?
Thank you and Happy Shopping!